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Mountain Sport Endurance Electric Mountain Bikes | Long Distance

Electric mountain bikes have never been like this before!

Electric mountain bikes with a massive 40Ah of lithium battery power are here at last complete with Twin Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

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You got a long way to go?...
....No problem on LifeCycle Endurance electric mountain bikes

The first road legal electric mountain bikes on the planet that have a genuine range of over 130 miles while pedalling the bike in full power mode. Select the "Eco" mode and the range goes up to over 200 miles.

Because the new LifeCycle Mountain Sport Endurance electric mountain bikes has 37 volts and 40Ah of cool, smooth, Lithium Power, three times as much as most other electric bikes, it gives you three times the range of most other electric bikes.


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Want it with a 1000 watt motor?...No problem
A 40Ah battery and a 1000 watt motor. Now that is a serious piece of kit.
With a motor that powerful it's not road legal, but if you want it just ask 

Call us on 02380 236 540 for full details about this new long distance electric bike

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Read about the LifeCycle Mountain Sport Endurance

The Mountain Sport Endurance has more than three times the power of most other electric mountain bikes, enabling the bike to travel over 130 miles on a single charge. *

This is the first and only road legal electric bike available capable of over 130 miles.

If you've got a long way to go… The LifeCycle Endurance will get you there…and back

Equipped with Tektro Hydraulic twin piston disc brakes both front and rear, our outstanding high torque 250 watt motor, this bike just keeps on going…and going…and going…and going…and going…and going…and going….

Electric mountain bikes have never before been anything like this

You just gotta try it…It’s Amazing! There’s never been anything like it.

The LifeCycle Endurance electric mountain bikes…

...When only the best will do

*the range test was made on an indoor rolling road with continuous pedalling

The reason we made the test on an indoor rolling road is because it’s the only scientific way to conduct a repeatable test with identical conditions.

The rolling road was set to medium resistance and as near to real road conditions as possible.

This is one amazing electric mountain bike and despite its enormous power it is so well balanced that you don’t even know that’s it got such a lot of “grunt”.

The initial tests were carried out under these controlled repeatable conditions on an indoor rolling road, but we still decided to take it out for a real ride on a real road with an ordinary person riding it.

We gave the bike to Andy our chief mechanic to try. Now no one could call him super fit. He rides into work every day on his LifeCycle Mountain sport. But Lycra….I don’t think so, he’s not particularly over weight but he’s definitely no Chris Hoy either. Just an ordinary chap like most of us.

He took the bike out and did 113 miles on one one charge, and there was still loads of power left in the battery, truly amazing.
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Call us and ask about the sensational LifeCycle Endurance electric mountain bikes

37 Volts. 40Ah. 1480 Watt Hours Lithium Ion with “state of the art” battery management system (BMS) This bike is equipped with a single 40Ah battery for continuous use.
Please note,
There is one battery in this bike mounted in the rear box. It is a 40Ah lithium battery.
This rear battery box is removable from the bike. It can be re-charged on or off the bike

The battery case on the down tube below the saddle does not contain battery cells.
This battery case is there for aesthetic purposes and shouldn't be removed from the bike    

250W High efficient Hi Torque Hi power brushless. Rear wheel drive.
Optional 1000 watt motor available. Call us on 02380 236 540 for details

Rear: Tektro Twin piston self-adjusting hydraulic disc brake
Front: Tektro Twin piston self-adjusting hydraulic disc brake
Brake Levers: Tektro comfort for electric bikes with safety motor cut out switch.

7 Speed Shimano Tourney Derailleur, 11-13-15-18-21-24-28
Push button gear shifter

Four Modes
Auto pedal assist only
Throttle only
Throttle and Pedal assist together
Off. Ride as an ordinary pedal bike
Plus three levels of power/speed

Twist grip Throttle
Three Speed selector LED display panel
Battery power LED display panel
Bike on/off switch
Throttle on/off switch

Handmade, hand welded 6061 Alloy
Extra wide alloy pedals
Sealed bottom bearing

Sport Mudguards

Choice of Metallic Black or Metallic White.
Base coat two top coats,
Oven hardened.

Alloy suspension forks

Vader Gel comfort saddle with Suspension built into the saddle post.

Black alloy with soft ergonomic shaped hand grip

Stainless, rust resistant
52 tooth alloy Chain wheel

Kenda 26" x 1.95 puncture resistant with reflector strip.

Inner Tubes
Kenda Extra Heavy Duty. Puncture Resistant

Mains Charger
110 /250W input,
Fan cooled.
Auto stop when fully charged.

Water bottle holder
Water bottle
Tool Kit


Max Rider Weight
22 Stones (140kg)

 All specifications are subject to change without notice


  • Frame Size: 19" - 48 cm
  • Frame Material:  Aviation grade hand welded Alloy
  • Wheel size: 26" / 66 cm
  • Gears: 7 Speed Triger shift Shimano Derailleur Gears
  • Suspension: Front Fork Suspension
  • Seat Post Suspension: Alloy Saddle post with sprung suspension
  • Tyres:  26" x 1.95
  • Rims: Alloy Double Wall
  • Spokes: 14 swg
  • Brakes:  Twin piston hydraulic disk brakes on both wheels
  • Chain: Stainless
  • Chain Wheel: 52 Tooth Chain Wheel
  • Extra Equipment:  Rear rack, water bottle holder with bottle, tool kit
  • Battery:  Lithium, 37Volts 40 Ah, 1480 Watt hours
  • Motor: 250 watt High efficiency brushless, High Torque, High Tension
  • Range: (pedal assist):  Up to 130 Miles
  • Range: (power only) (on the flat):  up to 30 Miles
  • Weight: 29Kg
  • Max Rider Weight: 22 Stones (140Kg)
All specifications are subject to change without notice

The best way to find out how good these electric bikes are, is to try one.

Without execption, every one who has tried them have been amazed at just how good they are.

We have a very large traffic free car park, where you can have a go on all the bikes.

Its not till you actually ride the bikes that you realise that these are no ordinary electric bikes.

These are the genuine article, real and genuine LifeCycles but like never before

Just pop in, or call us on 02380 236 540 or fill in the form and we will call you.


Price: £2,899.00

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